Service and Repair - Repairs to desktop computers and laptops. Memory and hard disk upgrades.

Broadband and Wireless Setup and Troubleshooting - Setup of broadband or wireless equipment. Adding devices, or just troubleshooting problems you are experiencing. Supply and setup of wired and wireless networks.

Hardware and Software Setup - Whether you want a new computer installed and setup, or you'd like a printer attached to it. Maybe you've just purchased some new software and want it installed and configured, it's not a problem.

Virus and Spyware Removal - No matter how careful we are on the internet, we are always on the back foot when viruses are concerned. Anti-Virus companies have to write fixes for viruses that have already come out. This means that the companies are always one step behind. If you believe that you have a virus, or your machine is acting in a strange manner, we can run checks to see if you've been attacked by a virus or spyware and clean the machine.

Telephone and Remote Support - We can offer support via the telephone, Email or just taking control of your computer via remote tools.

Home Business User Setup - If you are a remote worker, you'll need to be able to connect to your central servers to get email and critical files to be able to work at home. With Freestyle IT, we can liaise with your IT department to configure your computer to connect to your company HQ.

Tutorials - Whether you want to be able to download your pictures from your camera, get your scanner to work, or just know how to do something on the internet. We can offer tutorials to show you how things work, no matter how simple or complicated it may seem.

Disaster Recovery - If you have lost a file, a directory, or if your hard drive has crashed. We can offer a best endeavour file recovery. Sometimes the files are so badly damaged that they can't be recovered, so on this service, we offer a no fix no fee service. We can also offer advice on backing up critical files so you don't have to use this service.








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